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  1. Vegas Rally attendance

    Tucson Jim will you be going to the Vegas Rally? I always enjoy your postings and would like to meet you if you’re there.
  2. 2016-2018 Imagine 2800BH - 3500 lb Axles Tire Rubbing Issue

    I'm starting this blog post to document all the reported tire rubbing issues on the 2016-2018 Imagine 2800BH's (and possibly earlier models). These trailers came with the Dexter 3500 Axles and springs.

    GD switched out the axles for 4400 in the next model year but as has been posted the weight difference from factory between a sample unit was only 48 pounds.

    NOTE: This is a serious safety issue and anyone with a 2800BH should double check their spring arc and underfloor ...

    Updated 01-29-2019 at 11:31 AM by Thorvald

  3. axle alignment and tire wear

    I have a 2017 Reflection 337RLS with less than 4 thousand miles on it. The front right tire (passenger side) the outer edge/tread has worn down significantly. The other three tires look like new. I've gone to several alignment shops and I'm getting conflicting advice. Some are saying that the axle is bent and cannot be heated and re-bent because the metal has memory and it will revert back to the bent shape shortly there after. One of the shops stated that Dexter axle make the claim that their ...
  4. Using Motorcycle Fork Oil in jacks.

    My Jack's pop occasionally. I have heard that adding a quart of motorcycle fork oil stops it. Anyone tried that or heard of it?
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