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  1. Greetings from Texas

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    Mike & Maggie Killebrew
    Mont Belvieu, Tx
    March 17, 2017 Momentum 397 - New Owners
  2. Letís go camping

    Laurie & I have been camping for a long time. For over 30 years itís been, ďLetís go camping!Ē and off to the river weíd go (Peace River FL.) We would plan the menu, pack the coolers, get our gear together (either hot or cold weather, we were prepared), grab the dog(s) and off we went. Sometimes for a long weekend or sometimes for as long as two weeks, we would float the river and camp on its banks with family & friends. What a blast! Great memories were made by all who braved the many adventures, ...
  3. Adding Factory Remote start to your 2017 Ram 1500

    Since I just went through most of this "nightmare" and I'm sure others will too, I thought I'd post what I found here.

    This is a huge pet peeve for me especially after finding out most 2017 Ram's are 99.9% ready for remote start... For crying out loud FCA (Fiat Chrysler America) just charge me the $50 on the invoice at the factory and enable the darn thing. What a waste of time, parts, inventory, manuals, dealer headaches, etc.


    In 2017 the new Rams (with ...
  4. 1500 Pickupís and Towing - The REAL numbers with example

    This is a post I originally made to the Ram Truck forums but would be of great information here as well.

    To sum it up, before buying have a good look at the door jamb stickers!


    Well after buying a brand new Ram 1500 fully setup for towing and planning to upgrade to a larger travel trailer I finally had reality set in (well "legal" reality).

    I had been reading threads all over the Interwebs and listened to debates from the "Weight Police" ...
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  5. Refrigerator in 2018 350M

    Purchased our 350M in August. On our second refrigerator and it's not working either. It's a Norcold 18 cubic ft. Curious if anyone else is having problems with theirs.
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