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Thread: Working out on the road?

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    Working out on the road?

    So, just curious how many of you like to workout and what do you do for working out while traveling or if full timing? We have some workout equipment - TRX, jump box, kettlebells, etc - that we are looking to take with us on longer trips or when we go full time someday to use for working out along with walks, runs, biking, etc. Shoot, almost forgot, also have a Concept2 rower. Guess that would fit nice in the garage of a Momentum one day!

    Just wondering what the rest of you like to do? And any pictures of your setups that you use around your campsite?
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    Lots of biking, walking, running, climbing around with the kids. Maybe some basic body weight stuff if stuck inside due to the weather. I've thought about bringing my adjustable dumbbells but just no real need for 3 to 7 day trips we usually take. Honestly, with as active as we are during camping trips, I burn more calories per day than when home and working out harder.

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    I am on a regular exercises though not buying any bars as they are costly in my country. I am just a beginner, i have some low weight issues. My body not accepting energy from food so i am just concentrating on light exercises and jogging in the morning. That's it.

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    Since we spend 5/6 months down south, we make sure the RV park we will stay at has all the stuff we need. That way I can haul out the folding chairs, grab a beer, and watch the old folks try to look young.

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