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Thread: USB Port Failure - Second Time. My Work Around.

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    USB Port Failure - Second Time. My Work Around.

    For the second time, the USB charging port in our 297RSTS has failed. It can't seem to handle charging two phones without burning out. In addition, we don't like where GDRV installed it above the bed. It's quite awkward to reach it, and the phone charging cables dangle in your face if you aren't careful placing them on the small shelf. Instead of replacing the charging port again, I decided to do a little project and install a USB charging station over the hutch. I also wanted the charging station to be powered by 12VDC so I could charge our devices without needing to connect to shore power or a generator. I purchased a black plastic project box and panel from Amazon. I modified it to include an on/off switch, volt meter and two dual high power USB ports so I can charge up to four devices at one time. You could also substitute a 12V receptacle for one of the dual charging ports. The cost for all the parts was about $45.

    Originally, I was going to mount the panel directly in the hutch wall, but I would have had to cut a hole in the wall which I decided I didn't want to do. So that is why I mounted it in a plastic project box. I tapped into 12V power on the light wiring that is over the hutch.

    If you want to attempt a project like this, I'd recommend you solder all the connections instead of using push on connections. It will be much more robust and not prone to loose connections if you do so.

    If I was doing it again, I'd order a slightly smaller project box to mount the panel on. Amazon has lots of options for USB panels that you can custom tailor for your needs if you want to take on a project like this.


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    Nice Job. I like the USB panel you picked out.

    Our USB charging port above the bed went out, too. Since I read your post about the previous failure - I decided to install

    USB Charge receptacle.JPG

    Note: The LED on it is very bright! If I can't disable it - I'm going to put a piece of duct tape over it!

    Since we usually have tablets with us we have one of the Multi Charge stations next to the couch...

    Multi Charging Station.JPG
    La Porte, TX

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    Jim, Nice work. It would be good to see your list of parts.
    And lptxtandem, red nail polish works great to tone down those pesky overly bright LEDs.

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    Nice work!
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