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Thread: Furrion FGH4ZSA-SS GAS COOKTOP Issue

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    Furrion FGH4ZSA-SS GAS COOKTOP Issue

    We took delivery of a 2018 375RES in October. So far we love it, but it's winter in MI so in the barn it goes until Spring! One of the first issues noticed was the Furrion stovetop. The model: FGH4ZSA-SS GAS COOKTOP has zero simmer capability. The lowest level will burn anything requiring a simmering flame height. We contacted the dealer and were told that is normal for the model. They are working with GD to resolve. I reached out to Furrion and was sent the flame height spec sheet, and was told the model was not designed for a low simmer flame adjustment; and closed my ticket as a kicker. The concept is so bizarre to me I can't even come up with words. I'm not sure why GD would put that kind of gas stovetop in ANY unit. Anyone have a similar experience?
    signed: Burning desire for replacement stove
    I attached what Furrion sent me: FLAME_HEIGHT_ANALYSIS.pdf

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    I have the same 2018 375RES with the Furrion gas cooktop. My wife and I have used it many times, we winter camp and are cooking on it most weekends. Have had no problems, even on low cooking egg sandwiches.

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    Same issue!

    New Solitude owner. Before finding this forum I just wrote to Grand Design today about this very issue. I want to use the stove, but instead have to use an electric cooker if I want to actually simmer anything for any amount of time. Yes, the stovetop works fine for cooking things that you attend for the several minutes needed to cook them, but NOT for simmering sauces, soups, stew and the like. As a stopgap measure, I plan to find some sort of portable burner I can add over the existing one for when I need to simmer things. (I know the sourcing agent for another RV manufacturer and she is considering Furrion, but perhaps she won't when I mention this issue to her.)

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