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Thread: What brand of mechanic type gloves do you use?

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    Question What brand of mechanic type gloves do you use?

    I just installed my B&W Patriot Slider this past weekend and noticed its time for a new pair of mechanix-style gloves.
    I went online and there seems to be a much larger selection than there was 5 or 6 years ago when I bought my last pair.
    I normally will just use a pair of nitrile gloves for general light duty piddlin' or when I fill up with diesel, but it would be nice to have a
    pair that offer some amount of protection from scrapes and sharp edges, and add a little warmth if it's cold outside, but still have a
    descent amount of tactile feel so you can actually pick up a washer or a nut without taking them off.
    Just curious what brand or style you guys use.

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    Iron wear gloves. Padded on back, rubber coated palms. Nice!!!

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