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Thanks for posting that. I ran across that site several years ago and found my photo was not there. So I did what any good SNCO would do and started pulling down boxes of memorabilia. Low and behold, I found my copy of the photo and promptly submitted it. 3702 BMTS, Flight 0457 December '75 to February '76. I'm in the second row, just to the right of the guy directly behind the TI (as you're looking at the pic).

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Man-o-man, I'm doing the same thing. My photo wasn't there either, so I've been rummaging around and found it. I sent them an email asking about it already....memory lane. I can't believe it was so long ago. I think we were one of the first few flights to enter and not get the greens, we were issued the BDU's. I don't remember the timeframe exactly as to when they made the full blown switch, but I'd go back to those BDU's in lue of the ABU's they have today. The ABU's are...well...in a word, crap. Putting body armor on over them and running around with full kit was no fun. The new multicam isn't bad because they used the Army version and they are very comfortable and user friendly.
I'll get mine up here once I get it in the computer.
Jim, thanks for posting this!